Immerse yourself in the traditions, medicinal plants and sacred foods of this ancient culture. Hand in hand with inspiring people you will discover the island, its essence and different projects that seek to preserve its identity


DATES 2019

June 19 to 24th, 2019.

We will celebrate around the fire the brightest night of the Mediterranean culture.

September 18th to 23rd, 2019.

We will receive the change of season around the fire with a harvest celebration.





A regenerative experience to understand the profound essence of the island of Mallorca and the Mediterranean culture.


  • Sailing in a traditional boat
  • Distillation of medicinal plants
  • Wheat: a journey from grain to bread
  • Biodynamic winery: organic farming
  • Liquid gold: mythology of olive oil 
  • Ritual of the night of San Juan
  • Harvest celebration
  • Production of herbal liqueur

A Journey into the Mediterranean magic


  • Day 1: The origin

    The origin of food

    Our hosts on this trip are Silvia and Stephane, an agro-ecological couple, who cultivate their dream in the little piece of Mallorca where they have planted their bucolic home. Their lifestyle deeply honors the land, its roots, and its fruits and the ancient traditions of the island, weaving with their work a deeply-rooted fabric between the agrarian world, gastronomy and Mediterranean culture.
    From their farm, where they grow different varieties of recovered wheats in their magical family garden, they work at the service of the land, regenerating it, preserving ancient seeds and spreading their knowledge and passion through experiences, workshops, talks, and tastings.

  • Day 2: Bread, wine, and oil

    Bread, wine, and oil: The sacred Trilogy of the Mediterranean

    Bread, olive oil and wine are deeply related to the ancient emergence of civilization in the Mediterranean, where the vine, the wheat and the olive tree grow abound. Described as sacred foods, the cultural relationships to these traditions, both culinary and medicinal, are entwined with spiritual, ritual and quotidian life in Mallorca.

    Stephane, farmer and baker, will lead a workshop that includes a visit to the fields and the mill, where he will explain the whole process of transformation from seed to bread.

    Deborah will take us into the mythology and history of olive oil in the Mediterranean, while we discover all the secrets of “Pa amb oli”.

    We will visit a biodynamic winery and learn about the essential aspects surrounding the culture of wine in Mallorca, its organic production and autochthonous varieties.


  • Day 3: Solstice & Plants

    The Alchemy of Plants 

    We will experience the solstice while exploring the essence of Mallorcan wild plants during a handcrafted copper still distillation.
    Mallorca has a fundamental place in the history of distillation. Today a unique range of aromatic species is still in bloom: trees, shrubs, flowers and intensely Mediterranean herbs. To discover the essence of these plants is to enter into the heart of the island.

    Joan, herbalist and artisan distiller, heir to this great alchemical tradition, will guide us on a magical journey to open our senses and discover the paths that lead to the floral world of the island and the heart of its plants. The day will begin with the harvest, we will meet with the plant to establish a link and accompany it in its transformation.

    Then, we will carry out the distillation, learning the technique and secrets of this ancient method for the extraction of waters and essential oils. We will end the day welcoming to the new and decanting the water from the essential oil to separate what in our heart is already united.


  • Day 4: The Sea

    The Sea in llaut  

    The Mediterranean is an infinite sea, full of history and stories, a cradle of civilizations, and immense vital scenery for the peoples that have inhabited, and still inhabit, its two shores. This is the sea that embraces Mallorca and describes the meaning of its singularity with all its range of blues. Sailing in a “llaut”, the traditional local boat, is to connect with the sea in the simplest and deepest way and enjoy that light, and the slow but solemn rhythm with which the fishermen are sailing the water.


  • Day 5: La Verbena de San Juan * Solstice travel edition

    The ritual of the most magical night: Verbena de San Juan

    The night of San Juan is a very special date in the Mediterranean festivities calendar. Rooted in the ancient pagan celebrations of the Summer solstice, it is a night surrounded by magic and mystery. To welcome Summer with renewed energies, purification rites are performed through fire and water. In the popular culture of Mallorca, it is also a celebration night: bonfires, music and well-stocked tables are set up to share the dance and food with our neighbors, friends and family. Together we will prepare this wonderful event and we will light the bonfire not only in the courtyard but also in our hearts.

      We will close the trip by celebrating this magical night of Mediterranean culture. Around the purifying fire, we will honor the transformation and the passage to a new cycle.




  • Day 5: The harvest celebration * Equinox travel edition

    The harvest celebration

    September is the most important month for vine growers in Mallorca. After a long year of hard work and not few worries, the harvest coming to fruition is reason for great joy. The harvest celebration connect us with the deepest agrarian traditions and the essence of this fantastic Mediterranean sacred food: wine, nourishment for the body and the soul.

    In order to honor the fertility of the earth,  we will also make homemade preserves with the last fruit of the season, replenishing the pantry that will sustain us during the cold winter days while reminding us of the sweetness of summer. Together, we will also make the preparations for this wonderful night: a delicious dinner, decorations for the table and lighting of the bonfire in the “patio” to connect with the earth through its fruits, rhythms and landscapes.
    Our musician friends will visit us marking the rhythm of this renewed cycle with their traditional Majorcan instruments and ancient songs, calling on beats deeply rooted in the agrarian calendar.

    We will end this experience celebrating the passage from Summer to Fall, honoring this new cycle that brings transformation in the land and also in our being.




Mallorcan with a French mother, I have a degree in law and sociology. I am a gastronomic consultant and travel designer, guide and local host. I develop eco touristic products and experiences to share Mallorca’s gastronomic culture and Mediterranean identity and to promote responsible and regenerative tourism on our island.


Mallorcan, herbalist and distiller of wild Balearic plants. I carried out ethnobotanical studies, floral therapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, and distillation processes. I am the founder o Najuana.I create experiences to strengthen our bonds with plants and improve our relationship with mother earth

Total Price:  1750 € / 1990 US$

GROUP SIZE: 5 – 11 travelers

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  • All accommodations in ecological farm.
  • All meals.
  • Ground private transportation all trip.
  • All activities. 


  • Flights.
  • Medical insurance, visa (if necessary).
  • Entries, tips and taxes.
  • Other expenses not specified in the description.


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