We are a community of travelers collaborating with many families and sustainable projects, to bring people the possibility of living an authentic trip, creating awareness through these experiences.

T H E   T R A V E L L E R S   C O M M U N I T Y    

Mike Chauvet

I am Mexican, lover of my country, culture, and people. Since childhood, I am passionate about traveling, discovering and exploring. Over time my passion for nature has grown and my vocation to respect and honor it. After more than 15 years in Marketing and Business Consulting, I decided to focus my energy on what I love. Thus, I undertook this project that we can now share to others.

Bianca Bodero

I was born in Brazil, raised in the Mediterranean and now Mexico is my home. In 2009, I left my job to join cooperation for development in a non-profit organization. Traveling I learned about the wisdom and natural conscience preserved by the native peoples. I start up this project to spread the word of their efforts and create awareness through genuine and responsible travels.


Concha Espinosa

I was born in Granada and I have been living in Mexico for 21 years. Here, I studied anthropology and continued training in traditional healing and indigenous medicine. I am a floral therapist, I work in community health and I facilitate personal growth workshops. La Yerbabuena is a project to create an environmental, social and emotionally way of life more responsible.

Alhelí Perez

I am Mexican, mother, doula, and companion of feminine processes. I open spaces for women to listen to themselves and take their power as creative women. I Facilitated workshops through the teachings of the Thirteen Moons, a map of self-realization, grandmothers heritage of native North America using tools Toltec Mayan tradition.


I am Mallorcan, herbalist, and distiller of wild Balearic plants. I carried out ethnobotanical studies, floral therapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, and distillation processes. I am the founder o Najuana.I create experiences to strengthen our bonds with plants and improve our relationship with mother earth.


Mallorcan with a French mother. I have a degree in law and sociology. I am a gastronomic consultant and travel designer, guide and localhost. I develop eco touristic products and experiences to share Mallorca’s gastronomic culture and Mediterranean identity and to promote responsible and regenerative tourism on our island, through Deborah´s Culinary Island.


I was born in France and I have been living in Mexico for 28 years. I dedicate myself to the path of healing with the medicine of the earth and its sacred plants. I work with indigenous communities from Mexico and the United States, following the ancestral traditions.

O U R   P A R T N E R S